Our Software Solution Suppliers and Contract Management allows you to have a comprehensive management of the relationship with suppliers of products & services as well as contracts placed which may give them a detailed follow-up.

This solution has two main entities of information:

• Supplier: has all the background information of each of its Suppliers. 

• Contract: has all the information relating to Contracts established with Suppliers, and status thereof:

– No Formal Agreement
– In Revision
– In Tender
– Effective
– Finished
– Cancelled

Main Functions

Among the main features of this solution are:

• Total Information Management for its Suppliers, including:

General: Name, Address, Contact, Description, Mission, Vision, Values, Nationality, Organization, Web Site, History, etc.
Market Information: Classification of Capital, Industry ranking, Positioning, Estimated Growth, etc.
Trade References: Up to 5 references, contractual agreements with other firms, Subcontractors Companies, etc.
Services: Service Areas, Escalation Plan, Processes Supplier Diversification, contingency plans, etc..
– Financial Aspects: Current Economic Situation, Extreme Asset History Annual Revenue, Annual Net Profits History, etc.

• Management Information Totality of their contracts, including:

– General: Status, Provider Number, Type of Relationship, Effective Date, Ontario, Signatories, Penalties, Confidentiality Agreement, etc.
Licenses: License Agreement, Interest on overdue License No., Amount Licenses, etc.
Maintenance: Maintenance Agreement, Interest on overdue Maintenance Amount, Type of Service, etc.
Services: Services Agreement, Interest on overdue amount of Services, Pay Period, etc..
– Shopping: Value of assets, assets with Warranty, Guarantee Maturity Date, etc..

• Reports and Metrics:

– Matrix Contract
– Matrix Suppliers
– General Status Report Contract
– Vendor Score Card
– Contract by State
– Performance of Contract
– Performance of Suppliers

• Enables periodic Capture Management and Performance (compliance with Services Agreements) in both Contract and Suppliers.

• Ability to attach any type of file in the records of Contracts and Suppliers.

• Logs and audit trails of all changes and modifications made ​​to the records, identify: date and time, responsible action that he made ​​the change, changed field, old value and new value.

• Ability for users to create their own custom queries.

• Electronic mail notifications with each change of state or action taken on any record.

• Defined by Security Groups and Permissions, in order to allow the execution of actions and modifications to records to authorized persons.