We are a company dedicated to the provision of Software Engineering, founded in 2007, aimed at providing technology services in the Latin American market with its operational based in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic .

One of our main services is that for Software Process Consulting, for which we have an operating platform consisting of different roles and resources, such as Project Managers, Software Architects, Requirements Analysts, Developers, Quality Managers, Testers and Software Engineering Consultants, all of which carry on each project under the best methodology and engineering practices referred to in IBM Rational Unified Process .

With the right mix of personnel, resources, knowledge and best practices in the software industry, we have ensured the success of the projects we have carried out in various clients, both locally and internationally, including within them the Financial Sector, Government Sector, Retail, Business Services, Business Technology, and Insurance, among others.

Consulting and Mentoring
Provision of personnel
Project Management
Outsourcing test





Argentum Inc. S.R.L. has its origins in January 2007. Initially it arose as a development company focused on providing services software factory, now being one of its main lines of business.

In December 2007 Argentum Inc. acquired an environmental company and the operations for the IBM business line ® Rational ® Software giving the possibility of providing services related to this brand in many customers.

From then until now, Argentum has strengthened its position in the market, achieving a presence in many prestigious institutions in the Dominican Republic, from different sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance and government, among others.

Despite being a young company in the market, our consultants have extensive experience in the IT field, allowing Argentum Inc. to quickly become an excellent technology partner for thier customers.

Argentum Inc. has developed training and consulting projects in the areas of Requirements Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Testing (Manual and Automated) Functional and Performance and Automation ITIL and CMMI-based processes.

It is currently focused on providing process automation services which meet the requirements requested by the main international frameworks, such as CMMI and ITIL.

Another valuable service offered by Argentum Inc. is related to the Quality Assurance Software. In this sense, Argentum Inc. advises in shaping quality areas within the facilities of our customers based consulting model, and also features a test lab in house, which allows our customers to delegate control and quality assurance in the form of software outsourcing.


To provide our customers with professional services processes for areas of technology, development of customized systems and software products, focused on quality and professional excellence.


Being the most prestigious company with international projection, in the provision of products and services for software engineering, satisfying and redefining the expectations of our customers


    • Professional Integrity: Understanding as a professional trained to play the role or work performed by honesty, ethics, and responsibility.


    • Respect for customers: defined as the fulfillment of the commitments and in tune with the needs and situations of our clients, considering them as our reason for being.


  • Competition: value the internal and external competition, considering it as the momentum of continuous improvement.


    • Willingness to face challenges: positive attitude towards challenges.


    • Loyalty to the company and commitment to its mission. .


    • Efficiency: making optimal use of all available resources of the company towards meeting the defined objectives.


    • Excellence: do things right, giving your maximum and best effort.


    • Pro-activity:: taking a responsible initiative in order to make things happen.


    • Creativity: allow the thought of doing things differently.


We are a team of professionals with the necessary attitude to take our customers projects as our own, in the relentless pursuit of your satisfaction, convinced that this is possible by constant practice of the following principles:

– Commitment to Service.

– Open and Honest Communication

– Delivery on Promises

– Constant Training.

– Innovation and Continuous Improvement


In terms of operational capacity, ARGENTUM Inc. has a staff of highly qualified personnel formed between its various departments.

ARGENTUM Inc has its main office at the safe and easily accessible location in the city of Santo Domingo, which has facilities equipped with optimal working space for staff, management offices, meeting rooms, public spaces and workspaces for external consultants and client members, if required in the context of a project.

Furthermore, ARGENTUM Inc has the latest technology for their operational and service platform , which allows us to :

–       Virtualize Working environments and operation, both for internal use and for each project we undertake with our clients.

–       Redundant Internet service, with 2 dedicated lines.

–       Safe Wifi and  LAN Network .

–       Next generation workforce for personnel.

–       Specialized tools for Management , Implementation and Project Tracking Software.


As a member of the Cluster Software Group in Dominican Republic (Clustersoft) and within the framework of the Quality To Compete, driven by the National Competitiveness Center (NCC), in January 2011, Argentum Inc. began its process preparation for certification under ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

In the month of March 2012 Argentum achieves ISO 9001: 2008 certification for consulting and training activities in software engineering. Development, provision and maintenance of customized systems and software products, provision of specialized staff in software engineering, becoming the first company in the Dominican Republic, within your market, in obtaining this prestigious international endorsement, this indicates and supports the quality of services provided.



Argentum Inc. is committed to the Dominican Republic, and its inhabitants, and that is why since 2009 is working on the creation of the Cluster Software Development Companies in the Dominican Republic, DR-ClusterSoft.

The DR ClusterSoft is a group of Dominican technology companies and academic institutions supported by government agencies interested in promoting the growth of the software industry within the country.

Currently Argentum Inc. is a founding member of the institution and Mr. Sebastian Denardi, General Manager of Argentum Inc. is a member of the Board of Directors.



DR clusterSoft Mission

We contribute to the development of software industry, creating opportunities for local and international business through certification of our products and services, training of our human resources and promotion abroad.

DR clusterSoft Vision

To be recognized as the premier destination for nearshore software and services Information Technology (IT).

Strategic Objectives

    • 1. Generate new business for companies in the cluster, supporting economic growth.


    • 2. Encourage and support the development of human resources linked to the cluster, as technological advances and market trends.


    • 3. Promote the adoption of best practice models and standards for software process optimization.


    • 4. Encourage technological innovation, the protection of intellectual property and copyright of the companies in the cluster.


On September 30th 2012, in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, Argentum Inc. was awarded the “International Star Award for Quality” Award in the Gold Category, awarded by Business Initiative Directions (IDB).

This award was presented in recognition of Commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation, Inc. Argentum being recognized as a successful business leader.

The “Ishaq International Star Award for Quality” Award certifies commitment to quality and excellence of our company.

This recognition reinforces our commitment to continue to meet our customers projects as our own, in the relentless pursuit of your satisfaction, based on the following principles: Commitment to service, open and honest communication, application of commitments, constant training, and Innovation and Continuous Improvement.



We have also been awarded the 2014 Bizz international business award This award distinguishes us as one of the leading companies Dominican Republic.

THE BIZZ is the world’s leading business award, it is delivered by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), an international organization businessman working on behalf of world business.



We have achieved important achievement to have been awarded a new time with the International Business Award 2015 The Bizz, in this issue we were recognized as “The Peak Of Success”.

This award is given only to companies that have been winners of THE BIZZ in previous years and have maintained a continuous success.