Strategic alliances



To provide optimal service we have teamed up with internationally renowned companies.


Neotys helps companies improve quality, reliability and speed of their web and mobile applications using products and services of load testing and performance monitoring of new generation.


GBM; It is a leader in Central America and the Caribbean in the integration of information technology solutions for customers in order to add value to their business, hence deriving the expected financial results.


Acumen Innovations is a company of cybersecurity and development focused on delivering world-class solutions to its customers, from small businesses to multinational corporations software.


Software product company specializing in management solutions Lifecycle Applications (ALM for its acronym in English) for global software development.


Coala Group specializes in solutions and expertise to improve the quality of processes, perform Software Testing, Quality Assurance, specializing in IT consulting and certification and diploma courses for professionals looking to specialize knowledge, supported by international standards as ISTQB, SCRUM MANAGER , ISO, offering training designed for professionals.


IBM Rational Software enables flexible software development through improved team collaboration and better control risk and change. 

Rational Software is known as a family of IBM software for deployment, design, construction, testing and project management in the software development process.


Pioneer in Education and Consulting Information Technology (IT) – Oracle, Linux, ITIL, COBIT – with more than 15 years in the Ecuadorian market.


Aloes PMS is a consulting firm specializing in Project Management. It brings together a group of experienced professionals in their respective areas, but especially with extensive knowledge, certifications and experience in Project Management.


Intellisys is a software development company specializing in web, mobile applications, custom applications, custom data bases and business integration.